Life's a Stage

Do it for the scars and stories, not the fame

Jesi Leigh
24 June 1989
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My name is Jessica.
You can call me Jesi.
or Jess.

I am a twenty one year old who lives, studies and works in central Minnesota. I love music more than breathing and I am currently studying music education at St. Cloud State University.

I'm pretty laid back and don't have too many things I dislike. I respect most opinions, unless they're completely ignorant and foolish. I won't try to convince anybody to see things my way, but this is my journal and I have the right to express my feelings and beliefs and opinions in my own space, so if you don't like it, you don't need to read it. Skip along.

I am "friends only" but leave me a comment and tell me where you found me and I'll probably add you back. I like friends. A lot :)